A must-read for managers!

Post date: 25-Mar-2011 22:08:36

“Shine - using brain science to get the best from your people” by Dr. Edward M Hallowell (http://www.drhallowell.com/blog/), best selling author and psychiatrist. This is the best I’ve read yet as a practical how to guide for leaders/managers who want to manage themelves and their teams to achieve sustained excllence (or peak performance as Hallowell defines it) in a way that is congruent with the positive psychology, optimism, vision and goal setting to which I am deeply committed.

Hallowell draws on his own extensive experience as a psychiatrist and business consultant as well as pulling together the research of a range of luminaries such as Martin Seligman in the field of positive psychology, Carol Dweck and her work on Mind Sets, Norman Doidge and the neuroscience of brain plasticity and others. Hallowell has codified all of this fascinating empirical data and findings into a practical five step management approach and presents it in an equally concise and accessible book - an intro, a chapter per step and some concluding thoughts.

If you’re a fan of audio books (as I am) it has the added benefit of being read by the author which I like, as it ensures that the emphasis and tone are in line with the how it was written. That said, it’s so practical this is one I might also buy in hard copy to have as a handy reference guide!

This is a great read. Clear, well grounded, practical and inspiring. If you’ve been exploring the same areas of interest as I have (based on previous blogs or my work in general) -this is a logical and welcome next step!